Improve Resources

Improve access to behavioral health support and treatment, especially for those facing access to care barriers

The Helping Fannin resource directory connects residents to critical wellness and social services in our county. Helping Fannin is brought to you as a community service project by the Community Well TX.

Partners & Programs

Our team works to build collaborations and assist with funding to improve direct in-county behavioral health services. We strive to serve as a hub to allow out-of-county partner agencies to an easy channel to share programs, services and funding opportunities across socials services and mental and physical wellness organizations in Fannin. Some for the programs we have supported and promoted include:

TCHATT is an innovative tele-counseling program offered by Children's Hospital. Free counseling sesions are delivered in a school setting, and all Fannin County schools particpate the TCHATT program. Contact your child's school counselor to discuss participation in the program.

Hope Squad was developed in the Provo, UT, school system with a goal of reducing youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention. The Hope Squad program is a school-based peer support team that partners with local mental health agencies. Hope Squad is currently active in several Fannin County school districts.  Contact Us to learn more about starting a Hope Squad program in your school.

In the 2023-2024 school year, the Texas Education Agency Region 10 Education Service Center provided Licensed Professional Counselors and/or Licensed Clinical Social Workers to all 9 Fannin County school districts. CWTW, community leaders and Region 10 collaborated on a grant request to support this program, and funding was generously provided by the Fannin County Hospital Authority. We expect the program continue in the 2024-25 year.

Child Psychiatric Access Netwwork (CPAN) is a network of child psychiatry access centers that will provide free child and adolescent behavioral health consultation services and training opportunities for pediatricians and primary care providers. Children's Hospital in Dallas serves Fannin County, and please visit the Children's CPAN site for enrollment information.

The Fannin County Hospital Authority's (FCHA) mission is to bring quality and sustainable healthcare services to Fannin County. The FCHA has played a key role in improving the quality of health care for Fannin County residents, and the authority has been a strong supporter of behavioral health programs. Visit the FCHA web site to learn more about its grant process.

The Texoma Health Foundation’s (THF)  mission is to support the health and wellbeing of the Texoma community. THF has long been a generous supporter of health initiatives in Fannin County, and in recent years, THF has placed increasing focus on behavioral health services. To learn more about the THF community grant process or to discuss establishing your own health and wellnes focused charitable fund, visit the THF web site.