About Us

The Fannin Behavioral Health Leadership Team (FBHLT) is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to improving mental wellness for Fannin County residents. The FBHLT is broad-based coalition of mental health and physical health care professionals, educators, employers, non-profits, private and public funders, the criminal justice system and concerned community members working together to improve direct behavioral health services in Fannin.

Our Team

Our diverse team of 15+ leaders provides direct connections between behavioral health service providers and those who work with community members needing behavioral health services. We are pleased to have broad involvement that extends beyond our board members through our 3 focus area teams: Reduce Stigma Team, Improve Resources Team and Adolescent Resiliency Team. 

Our Board

We recognize that behavioral health service delivery is complex, and we work to ensure that our board encompasses a diverse set of community members and service diciplines. Our board members include:

  • Licensed counselors
  • Regional hospital
  • Criminal justice
  • State agencies
  • Funders
  • Social service mon-profits
  • Education
  • Workforce
  • Veteran’s Administration
  • Health care
  • Pastors
  • Community members